Does Internet Speed Matter, With So Many Devices Now A Days?

by | Mar 19, 2021

Does internet speed matter? These days it seems like everything we have is in some way connected to the internet; from smartphones, to computers, baby monitors, security cameras and iPads. Every one of those devices shares your bandwidth and every one of them decreases your bandwidth a share, particularly over Wi-Fi.

You can compare it to traffic on the road. When traffic is heavier, cars slow down. It is the same for your internet connection. When everyone is using the internet at the same time it causing congestion. Along with some devices doing backups or updates and it slows down your internet speed even more.

Wireless vs Wired

When you are hard wired, it beats Wi-Fi hands down. If it’s possible use an ethernet to connect your devices such as smart speakers, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, etc. It’s not always a possibility, but when you can it makes a huge difference.

Does Internet Speed Matter?

All the Devices

There’s a term that is used to describe all the devices in your home that require an internet connection in order to exchange data; it is called Internet of Things. All of the devices connect to your network either by hard wired or Wi-Fi. A few of these devices take up a lot of bandwidth.

How Old Are Your Devices?

Older devices definitely slow things down on a network even with a newer modem. Remember, your network is only as strong as the weakest link. Devices with slower processors will slow down your connection.

It is recommended to upgrade your hardware every few years, or take away the older devices from your Wi-Fi and only put them back when you actively use them.

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Just like your older dvices, routers that are older can also cause a connection to be slow. You should probably get a new one after a few years.

Malware and Viruses

Programs such as spyware and malware can put the brakes on your connection as well.  They hang around in the background slowing things down and hogg your bandwidth. Run your security software and don’t open attachments or links in emails from unknown sources.

There are free programs such as Malwarebytes that you can run that help to remove malware and spyware.

Do a Speed Test

Conduct a speed test if you think your network is slowing down. You can use Speedtest for free to check both your wired and Wi-Fi connection; you should definitely do both.

Keep in mind that all devices in your home use the same bandwidth and when testing speed they all will affect the outcome.


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