How Fast Internet Makes Working from Home Easier

by | Mar 15, 2021

Working remotely is more popular now. However, the question you need to ask yourself is, Do I have the right internet speed to be able to work from home efficiently? Find out how fast internet makes working from home easier and more efficient.

How much bandwidth do you actually need for smoother conference calls, emails and being able to keep up with work gossip? So, what can you do to keep your internet connection fast?

For a single person working from home, you would need…

  • At the very least 10 Mbps download speed per person
  • At the very least 1 Mbps upload speed per person

What is the Internet speed for conference calling applications?

Working from home requires video conferencing; it permits you and your co-workers to have meetings and conversations as you typically would in the office.

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When video calling, you need to send and receive video at the same time, so you should pay attention to some factors regarding internet speed to get the best quality for your meetings. That would include, upload speed, download speed and latency.

Upload speed determines how likely your connection is able to send video stream to others

Download speed determines how likely the connection receives video from others

Latency determines the strength of the connection to coordinate with others; a higher latency can cause lag and garble the call.

What is the Internet speed for chat and email applications?

You only need approximately 1 Mbps of internet bandwidth per instance for email and chat.

However, more is required if you are going to share videos or photos in your chats and larger email downloads.

Luckily, chat and email applications such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe and Google Hangouts do not use much internet speed.

What is the Internet speed for browsing the web?

It’s recommended to have approximately 5 Mbps of download speed per person. That would take care of going from site to site and heavy browsing. Typically, internet browsing doesn’t take too much data except if you are viewing pages with video content or several uncompressed images. If you have video auto play enabled and are surfing through social media, it is recommended to have a bit more.

How fast internet makes working from home easier

What affects how much speed you need to work from home easier?

Several things influence your internet connection needs, such as applications used for work and more importantly, how many others are using the internet at home.

Are other household members playing games, watching Netflix or just online? You will need faster internet speed if that is the case.

Many times, there are only certain things you can do to help the speed of your internet. You can try to upgrade to a faster connection or try to ration your internet bandwidth. Free up some bandwidth by getting rid of traffic during work hours that is not essential. If that is not a reality, then look into other internet providers in your area to find a plan that works better for you.

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